Hope Academy – A School for Girls

There are more than 800 families living in the rural village of El Aguacate. The average family has eight children and exists well below the poverty level. Many girls are kept home from school to help with household chores and to care for their younger siblings. Some of these girls have been denied enrollment in school due to lack of space. When spaces are at a premium, boys are given preferential treatment.

Some of the girls who are lucky enough to attend primary school are forced to leave their homes and school in order to escape abusive family situations. They often marry young and begin to have children, often before the age of 16 – continuing the cycle of poverty.

These girls are beautiful, precocious children – just like your daughter or the girls in your neighborhood. But unlike most American children, these girls may never have the chance to see anything outside of their village. Their village is filled with trash and raw sewage. It has no running water. There is no reliable healthcare and limited access to education.

Tree 4 Hope has purchased land and built a bilingual STEAM school with a global focus on science, arts, engineering and business, blending Western and Latin American teaching methods for multi-cultural learning. Taught in a positive learning environment, the curriculum emphasizes women’s rights, global relationship-building, and self-esteem, cultivating these girls’ intellectual, social, and spiritual development. Because educated women are more likely to have fewer children and larger incomes, our graduates will change the entire economic outlook of their village.

Currently we are working with 67 girls from pre-K to 3rd grade.  We thank you for your support, because these girls now have access to education.

Are you called to serve kids in need? Do you want to use your talents to make a difference in the world? Then consider spending a year teaching abroad at Hope Academy in Guatemala! Hope Academy is an accredited Pre K-6th grade school offering bilingual STEAM focused education to girls from some of the poorest communities around Guatemala City, and you have the power to profoundly affect their lives! Hope Academy’s bilingual model revolves around having both a native Spanish speaking and native English speaking teacher in each classroom so that our students, starting from preschool, soak up English naturally through immersion. In Guatemala, tourism is one of the largest industries in the country and so being able to speak English at a high level of fluency prepares our students to enter a variety of careers in the tourism and travel industry. Working with one of our local Guatemalan teachers, you can help our students develop their bilingual capabilities to the highest level.

For more information or for help discerning if you are called to this type of work, please email David at david@tree4hope.org

We are currently fundraising and working toward adding a second level to Hope Academy, to increase the educational opportunities for even more local girls… and we can really use your help! Please view the video below and help us make this goal a reality!

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Thank you for investing in HER future…